Project: Pool Pros Website

Website rebuild for a pool construction company


I helped Pool Pros recover and rebuild their inaccessible WordPress website, caused by excessive plug-in use and outdated PHP. I duplicated the site onto a Docker container, retrieved all original content, and rebuilt the website in two phases. The first phase involved creating a basic landing page for online presence, while the second phase included migrating the remaining content. Additionally, I set up Google Analytics and migrated them to a new email provider. Despite a slight delay, the project concluded successfully.

Project: WordPress blog migration

Blog migration for the Noble Research Institute

Technologies: WordPress Gutenburg editor, Yoast SEO plugin

The Noble Research Institute was revamping their website and brought me on board to migrate all blog posts. This involved transferring content to the new site's editor, verifying correct semantic tag use, ensuring all images had alt tags, and embedding the right SEO details. The project concluded efficiently without issues.

Project: ET motorsports website

Website for a local automotive company

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS

A mobile-responsive website for a local automotive performance shop, featuring an image gallery with modals. Although the company was sold and the site was taken down, you can still view the original landing page with the link below (some info and images have been redacted for privacy).

ET Motorsports legacy site

Project: NFTunerz

Static website for an NFT project

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS

I developed a responsive static website based on the client's graphic design. The site featured a Vanilla JavaScript image carousel with auto and manual scrolling. After my work, it was handed off for web3 integration. Despite the company's closure, you can click the link below to view the original landing page (some info and images have been redacted for privacy).

NFTunerz legacy site